Ratcheting Box Unit

Reliability Proven Through Years of Customer Use.


The RBU is User Friendly with many unique features:


  • Interchangeable Ratchet Heads - Up to 15 A/F sizes in a single model.
  • Five Models - From a 8.5 lb. - 5,000 ft/lb tool to a 43 lb. - 54,000 ft/lb model.
  • Radius & Height Profiles - Fits in very limited space. (all API & ANSI flanges)
  • Speed - 30 degree nut rotation per stroke for fast & efficient job completion.
  • Weight - Lightest weight to torque capacity in the industry.
  • Construction - Rugged design gives longer parts fatigue life.
  • Simplicity - No adjustments - No set-ups. Easy AF size changes.
  • Accuracy - Virtually no loss of torque.
  • Interchangeable Cylinders - Quick easy change out keeps job going.
  • Convenient Cylinder Porting - RBU Cylinder Ports on top & out rear.

RBW - 1985 ASME Award Winner
"Still a great tool today"

New RBU Unibody
"Same great tool with No Pinch Points"


Power Tork Hydraulics RBU Series
A universal tool to satisfy a world of bolting problems.



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