Power Tork Hydraulics, Inc Products - DW 100-M Pre-Load Calibration Stand

DW 100-M Pre-Load Calibration Stand



The Power tork DW-100M measures the ultimate goal of torque, PRE- LOAD. Pre-Load is what allows a 3 million LB flange to seal successfully. Pre-Load is what prevents bolt fatigue by eliminating bolt flex. THIS BEING TRUE, WHY NOT SET YOUR TOOLS TO PRODUCE THE EXACT PRE-LOAD REQUIRED BY THE MANUFACTURER. The DW-100M enables you to do this. It is portable therefore you can take it to the job site to re-calibrate each tool after each flange, each 5 flanges or when ever you do a test.



How it works:


The DW-100M works on the same principal as a hydraulic cylinder, but it does not move. A 50 square inch hydraulic piston exerting 10,000 PSI on the gauge equals 500,000 LBS. of tension.


Setting the Tool Up:


First to build the DW-100M Calibration Stand you need to send a bolt, washers, and all inserts required to make the stand exactly like the Riser application. Each tool will react just as it does while in actual use.




The DW-100M is simple, fast, accurate and is reasonably priced. It is mechanical and hydraulic with the only maintenance being the seal and the certified gauge.





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