Hydraulic Rundown Tool

Replace Expensive Impact Tools and Costly Repair


PTH'S HRT-15 Hydraulic Nut Runner virtually eliminates the use of costly impact tools. It's fast, easy to use and maintenance free.


Features and Benefits of the HRT-15


  • Ability to be run directly from rig hydraulics. No hydraulic console required when doing this
  • Runs nuts and bolts in or out
  • Runs at up to 585 RPM using rig hydraulics or other high volume 2-3k PSI systems. Portable air or explosion proof hydraulic consoles are available from PTH.
  • A 1 1/2" drive allows the use of standard off-the-shelf sockets. A 1" adaptor is available for use with smaller size sockets
  • Easy to handle, weighing only 22 lbs. Balanced at the handle when holding the pistol grip for easy maneuverability
  • Low profile allows use where even the smallest impact tool cannot fit
  • Speed control valve allows RPM to be set for safe efficient tool operation
  • Adjustable reaction arm allows universal application usage
  • Pistol grip operator valve gives the operator complete control. Features automatic tool shut-down when the operator releases the pistol grip trigger
  • 15 G.P.M. flow control valve limits rig or other high volume hydraulic pump input for safe, long-lasting tool operation




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