Power Tork Hydraulics, Inc Products

Raiser Tools

First Tool Developed in 1984 - Market Share 80%
Still Working Today!


  PTH designed the RR-33 Riser Tool in 1984. It was throughly tested under strict criteria defined by the Hughes Engineering Test Department (test criteria available on request). The RR-33 proved to be the only tool to ever pass the test. Over 60 tools have shipped, representing a market share of over 80%, and most are still working today.



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Hydraulic Rundown Tool

Replace Expensive Impact Tools and Costly Repair.

PTH'S HRT-15 Hydraulic Nut Runner virtually eliminates the use of costly impact tools. It's fast, easy to use and maintenance free.  

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Ratcheting Box Unit

Reliability Proven Through Years of Customer Use.

  The RBU is User Friendly with many unique features, as Interchangeable Ratchet Heads, Interchangeable Cylinders, 30 degree nut rotation per stroke for fast & efficient job completion, etc.

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Hydraulic Consoles

Air or Electric, Portable or High Volume Consoles Tailored to Your Requirements.

Whether you need a heavy-duty, high volume hydraulic console or a versatle, portable unit, PTH can meet your needs. Our heavy-duty, proven units can work in a variety of environments.


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DW 100-M Pre-Load Calibration Stand

The Power tork DW-100M measures the ultimate goal of torque, PRE- LOAD.

  Pre-Load is what allows a 3 million LB flange to seal successfully. Pre-Load is what prevents bolt fatigue by eliminating bolt flex.

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Output Adjustable Pressure to 10,000 PSI.

All Power Tork Intensifiers run directly from rig hydraulics. They deliver 4 to 1 pressure input to output, 2500 PSI in, 10,000 PSI out . 100% Hydraulic, no Air or Electricity necessary. They are Simple, Fast & Maintenance Free.


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Choke & Kill Box End Seal Pullers

Introducing the SPT-BT-1, SGC-1 and SPT-ST-1

  Introducing the SPT-BT-1 (To be used when you want to reuse the seal), the SGC-1 (Cleans a space between the Seal and the Groove) and SPT-ST-1 (Screws into the Seal).

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Counter Weight-Balance

POWER TORK's COUNTER WEIGHT-BALANCE PERFORMS BOTH FUNCTIONS necessary to safe and easy use of the tool.

As a Counter Weight it perfectly balances the tool while still being able to attach a Tugger Line up to 32" from the center of the Riser Joint. It also allows the tool to be lifted 12" by applying less than 15 pounds of pressure to the counter weight handle


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Spring Loaded Balancer and Extension Bar


The Spring Loaded Balancer was developed to be used in the place of the Yo-Yo Style balancers.  Due to the failures and the amount of dropped Riser Tools over the years we developed something more dependable and rugged for the extreme


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