Counter Weight-Balance



POWER TORK'S COUNTER WEIGHT-BALANCE PERFORMS BOTH FUNCTIONS necessary to safe and easy use of the tool.


1. As a Counter Weight it perfectly balances the tool while still being able to attach a Tugger Line up to 32" from the center of the Riser Joint. This allows the Tugger Line to easily clear the largest flotation diameter.


2. As a Counter Balancer it allows the tool to be lifted 12" by applying less than 15 pounds of pressure to the counter weight handle. This makes lifting the tool to put it on the nut easy since only 6" is required to clear the top.



Other Benefits


Eliminates the purchase of expensive Air or Spring loaded Counter Balances, as well as eliminating the costly maintenance and repair. The PTH Counter Weight-balance has no moving parts and is simple to use.


Eliminates the whiplash effect of having a weight (commercial counter balance) hung suspended on the tugger line between the operator and top of the tugger line. This is especially helpful in rough seas.


The one piece configuration gives the operator total control of the tool during tripping.




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